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Cliff Sheats Teaches You How To Arm Yourself Against the Energy Bar Deceivers


According to Cliff Sheats, there are a lot of sports/snack bars available and you shouldn’t eat any of them, except one.  All of these bars are fat producing.  They have sleek marketing descriptions purposely written to trick the buyer into thinking they are buying something superior when really the customer is actually falling victim to a significantly inferior product.  The following information will reveal to you what you need to watch out for…


Cliff Sheats points out the deception of Sugar Alcohols…

> Don’t fall for the sugar alcohol scheme.  You will find many manufacturers using “glycerin (or glycerol) as an ingredient.  Glycerin (or glycerol) is a carbohydrate and should be included within the total carbohydrates declared on the nutrition facts label.  There is no scientific support for considering glycerin (or glycerol) as nothing more than a carbohydrate. By all means, know that “sugar alcohol” is sugar.


Cliff Sheats reveals how to find hidden sugars…

> Many bars are sweetened with natural fruit sugars. Yes, natural sugars are healthier than sucrose… but they are still “simple sugars.”  For people needing to lose body fat, left over natural fruit sugars that are not burned for energy will be converted by the liver into long chain triglycerides (fat).  Thus, a bar sweetened with natural sugars can definitely be a “fat producing bar.”


Cliff Sheats shows you how to rate the source of protein…

> One of the biggest scams going is the “protein label bragging” about grams of protein a bar contains.  In a lot of cases you’ll discover that the protein source is an inferior protein derived from soy.  Soy is by definition a complete protein… barely.  However, soy is a very low quality protein that carries a low PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio).  For example, in no way can Soy protein compare with a Caseinate Isolate protein source.  But, Soy is cheap and the manufacturers trick the public into believing that all that matters is the amount of grams of protein.  Remember, our body does not use the protein that we eat directly as it comes into our body.  Our body actually must break the protein down we eat and then make its own protein.  You wouldn’t build a house with low quality “building blocks”… so why treat your body that way?


Cliff Sheats teaches you the difference between protein concentrate and protein isolate…


Most bars that contain Casenate Protein end up being only Caseinate Concentrate.  This is a cheaper form of Caseinate and cannot be compared to Caseinate Isolate.  Dr. Cliff only allows his clients to use the Caseinate Isolate form of protein.  Isolate means that the lactose has been removed along with the allergens.  All that is left over is the pure high biologically available protein.



Cliff Sheats points to science to protect your health…

> New research surrounding soy is exhibiting that eating too much soy is estrogenic.  In other words, it can cause the body’s balance of estrogen to go unfavorably too high.  This scenario has been linked to increased risks of certain types of cancers.  This is especially true regarding breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.


The aforementioned information is only a few of Dr. Sheats’ major objections to the myriad of sports/energy bars available today.  The metabolic energy bar that Cliff Sheats uses in his practice is a “work of nutritional art.”  It is far superior to anything available today on the market. The health and body composition advantages that it provides as a metabolic snack at mid-morning and mid-afternoon greatly impacts the success of his clients.




Cliff Sheats Shares His Breakfast Blend With You


1 cup ice & 1 cup water


2/3 cup unprocessed raw oats (1 cup for men)


½ container of fat-free yogurt (sweetened with Splenda)


1 scoop Hi-Protein Powder (Isolate form only with high P.E.R.)


4-6 Strawberries (or ¼ cup of any frozen Berries)


Combine all ingredients in a Blender


Blend 2 minutes or until Smooth





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